Coating facilities

Coating booths and application technology

Powder and liquid paints are applied in exhausted coating booths. For large series of products we use stainless steel spray booths with external exhaust, while plastic booths are more suitable for quick colour changes.

Our coating facilities are less noisy, reducing noise limits at the workplace.


Powder coating

We perform coating in filtration booths with external exhaust.

  • Stainless steel booths
  • Plastic booths

Wet coating

We supply application equipment for manual, automatic and robotised coating; manual and automatic mixing equipment 1K, 2K, 3K for colour preparation; coating booths with water wall and booths with dry filtration including activated carbon.

Application technology

We supply SAMES spraying equipment as a standard, we can also deliver application technology from other manufacturers.

  • Automatic pistols
  • Hand pistols
  • Inobell rotary bells

Are you interested in coating booths or application technology?

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