Consulting and training

  • We are authorised to perform tests in the field "Chemical technician for surface treatment of materials",
  • We provide complete training in the field of powder coating, which is suitable for coating facility operators, technologists and coating facility managers
  • We provide training in the field of anodic oxidation of aluminium and its alloys, hard anodising or decorative anodising
  • We provide training for the operators of neutralisation station, including related legislation
  • We focus on training people who handle hazardous chemical substances and mixtures, including substances classified as highly toxic
  • We provide audits of existing powder coating technologies, the outputs of which are reports with all measured values and records from the equipment, including subsequent recommendations

You can find a complete overview of training courses here.

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Martin Běloch

Martin Běloch

Surface Treatment Technician

+420 603 280